Lviv looking east
Lviv looking east

1b3s3r3k3p3n3i3hh3gg inside house 23g house interior2j museum umbrellas2i weather vanes1r chess kids2h store sign1o uki army band1c1a gaggle of priests1a cool fashionold wind millsfolk musicianfolk musician 2folk dishes

church 4

church 2catacomb musingsbreakfastgrave style 3ab. small food sellersab. old lady sellerab. Hutsul dance groupab. horse and buggy5. tractors and pysaky ad2 coal plant1 Cyrilic eye chart3jtoy animalsducks 1Lviv, singing womenLviv, traditional choirKrakow, breakdancers

Ivano Frankivsk old house 1
Ivano Frakivsk house #1
Kolomeya, old style house
Kolomeya traditional house

Lviv, balcony

Horodenka, house
Horodenka abandoned house
Krakow, cathedral rain spout
Krakow Poland, cathedral rain spout
Kolomya window
Kolomeya house window ornament
Lviv, balloon seller
Lviv, balloon seller
Lviv, Scafolding mimes
Lviv, scafolding workers
Lviv, Casanova Bar
Lviv, Casanova Bar

Lviv, texting angel

Lviv, war memorial ceremony
Lviv, war memorial ceremony

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