1c1b3t patterns logs3s3r3gg inside house 23g house interior

Lviv, Ukraine from city hall2a Lvov looking east2j museum umbrellas2h store sign1r chess kids1o uki army band1a gaggle of priests1a cool fashionold wind millsfolk musicianfolk musician 2

thowing a cupfolk dishes

Kievchurch 4church 2catacomb musingsbreakfastgrave style 3ab. old lady sellerab. Hutsul dance groupab. horse and buggy2 coal plant1 Cyrilic eye chart

Istanbul, Blue MosqueBlue mosque 1

Blue mosque 2

Haga Sophia

Haga Sophia 3

Istanbul Topcapi PalaceEgyptian oblisk

city cicern pillarRoman water cistern

mosaic Jesusmosaic Roman facemosaic Roman floorpatterns 3patterns 1patterns 2patterns 4

d 015Germany, random castle

c 010
Castle tower stairs
e 007 Nuremberg walls
Nuremberg castle wall, inside

f 016f 019

Brocken mountain steam train, Germanyg 005 Brocken steam train

c 003
Renaissance Faire 2
c 002
Renaissance Faire 1
c 004
Renaissance Faire 3

c 006f 010

house construction exposed

f 002 Goslar
Goslar Germany 2

d 008

d 009
Garage mural
f 007
Goslar Germany 1
f 021
Door sculpture


church spires copy
Ukraine, church spires
Zurich cool building 2 copy
Zurich, cool building
2n Florence- Piti Gallery view copy
Flrenze, view from Pitti Gallery
1z Venice boat copy
Venice, boat

Swiss cow and flies copy fluff xmtn clouds copy


Mona Lisa w/ cell phones
Mona Lisa w/ cell phones
walking w/ shopping bag
walking w/ shopping bag
Louvre courtyard
Louvre courtyard
Jungfrau region w/ Wengen (lower right)
Jungfrau region w/ Wengen (lower right)
What tourists in Venice fixate on
What tourists in Venice fixate on
What are we looking at and why?
What are we looking at, and why?
1d Venice Astrology Clock in St. Mark's Square copy
Venice: astrological clock in St Mark’s Square
Venice St. Mark's dome
Venice: St. Mark Dome
Venice clock
Venice: hour clock
2c Venice gondolas copy
Venice gondolas
1w Venice arches copy
Venice arches
Venice gondolas
Gondola traffic jam
Vatican hallway to Sistine Chapel
Vatican hallway to Sistine Chapel
2w American manequin in Milan copy
American mannequin in Milan


4a Vatican theatre mask copy
Vatican: giant theater mask
4d Roman sarcophagus copy
Roman sarcophagus
Versaille boating
Versailles canal
Paris Notre Dame sculptures of Hell
Paris Notre Dame sculptures of Hell
pigeon reflections x
pigeons at the Pompidou Center, Paris.
Brussels wall fountain copy
Brussels wall fountain
Basil city hall fountain
Basil city hall fountain
Basil rafting
Basil city rafting
Amsterdam costume
Amsterdam costume


Heaven willing... graffitti in our nest?
“Heaven willing- graffiti in our nest?”
Milan railway station fountain copy
Milan railway station fountain
Paris grafitti 1 copy
Paris graffiti 1
Paris grafitti 3 copy
Paris graffiti 3
Paris grafitti 2 copy
Paris graffiti 2
Paris grafitti 4 copy
Paris graffiti 4