cave sculpturecave Buddhacave Buddha 2Buddhist cave templesAdmiring the machine gun3 unwilling amigosMao and friend studying Little Red BookChinese desert retouched copyfamous place 2commune farm gate copy

beauty salon
Beauty salon

the Great Wall in need of repairme648

dragon wall detail
9 Dragon Wall

Chinese scollar costumethe empress dowager and consort attract a crowdthe empress dowager and her favouite consortme645street sceneme655me646

ice cream seller
ice cream seller

street sweeper

Shanghai church as warehouse
Shanghai church warehouse

hay stackswoman with bound feetme647dunhuang cavesme650

end of great wall
End of the Great Wall

fort door Great Wall endwestern mtns family yurtUrumxi carpet sellersuigur cartstill alive armadillo with its scales ripped off at exotic animal marketoutdoor barbershopold men hanging outmusician beside heated bed platform at homemountain lake near Urumchimother who lives in a yurtmarketkid all dressed upme697hotei tea pothong kong chinese temple detailHK boats 1me653graveyardme651grain seller

Friendship Hotel room wash basin
Friendship Hotel wash basin

exotic animal market 1me649