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Gay Panic in the Church
Medusa, or The Moral Panic in the Church
Catching the Trophy Boyfriend
Catching a Trophy Boyfriend
Jesus, Snow Angel
Snow Angel Jesus
Circling Crows
Circling Crows
Zoo Stories
ZOO STORIES        A funny satire about self-involved people.  In the isolation inside our heads we become neurotic, or start losing it completely.
METAMORPHOSIS            While day-to-day life is a blur, each stage in life is a distinct and separate from the one “hatched” it: childhood, student, bachelorhood, married life, work, retirement, old age.
Cloud Shirt
Monday morning, going to work.
Morning, on the way to work.
Hope and Despair
Hope and Despair
Morning Wood vs The Call of Nature
“Morning Wood” in nature gets all kinds of attention….
Force of Nature: Toronado
AWAKENING      Breaking out of isolation into the light of awareness.
End of Days
END OF DAYS      When the last of our psychological masks drop- either in enlightenment or death, our spirit transforms and continues its journey.
NRA: God of Death
NRA: God of Death and Destruction
Washington Crossing the Delaware (Emanuel Lutze, 1851)
Republicans Crossing the Delaware
This also references Aesop’s fable The Emperor’s New Clothes.  The tea cup holds right wing Tea Party members: Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz.      The boat is made of money that keeps the party afloat, the life preservers ban minorities from using them. NRA spokesman Wayne La Pierre’s (bent over with gun+skull belt) money fuels the party.  The hyena is a Republican tradition: Richard Nixon’s VP, Spiro Agnew was portrayed as one.    It’s necklace are donors who gave $50+ million each.  The dwarf, George Bush (with baby soother penis) holds down his brother, Jeb Bush, who’s campaign sank without a trace.      The soldiers on the ice represent the hundred of thousands civilian and military dead left behind in Iraq and Afghanistan.    The vultures are attracted by Dick Cheney and the Republicans’ pathological love of killing and carnage to prove their manhood and  right to lead the country.    Paul Ryan’s stigmata symbolize his job controlling the various factions.
How the West was Won.
How the West was Won   The Wild West has been commercialized, but the myth lives on.
Zeus and Ganymede in art.  Ganymede was a shepherd on Mt Ida near Troy.  Overcome by the youth’s beauty, Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and abducted Ganymede to Mt Olympus, where he became the god’s official cup bearer.  “The myth was a model for the Greek custom of paidersatia, the socially acceptable erotic relationship between a man and an adolescent male.”  (Wikipedia)
Zeus and Ganymede
Zeus and Ganymede.    The eagle is identified with the sun, a symbol of Eternity outside the field of time because of its unchanging nature.    Here the eagle conveys a person’s spirit into Eternity.
St Sebastian in Renaissance art.  He was the most painted male figure after Jesus.  A Roman soldier, he was martyred for not renouncing his faith.  Interestingly, he didn’t die of his wounds, but was nursed back to health.
St Sebastian with Putti
St Sebastian with Putti 
Art and society from the Middle Ages to the present fixated on  the female nude; how women’s bodies are offered up for male pleasure and possession.   St Sebastian was a chance to explore male sensuality, but the soldiers clearly show society’s hostility to its expression.
Resurrection- Renaissance copy
Resurrection: Renaissance artists
Resurection; on the third day.
The Resurrection: On the 3rd Day.
The River of Our Lives
RIVER OF OUR LIVES      The hero starts his journey by entering the River of Life.  Our ancestors and all who have been before us- though we don’t see them, we live in the society they created, and their spirits are embedded in the world river in which we live.
DREAMING      In Hinduism, the supreme god Brahman dreams the universe and everything in it.  Here from his thoughts grows the Tree of Life, and we hang suspended from it- part of the world, but separate from it.  In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize the beauty and fleeting nature of youth.
Commitment Issues (80psi)
COMMITMENT ISSUES: it’s not you, it’s them! 
Just because we’re immature and self-involved, doesn’t mean it’s out fault relationships don’t work out.  Why are they all leaving?  What’s wrong with them????
Birth of Venus, Botticelli, 1484-6
Birth of Venus' Twin Brother
Birth of Venus’ Twin Brother 
Obviously, Venus had a twin brother.  Obviously he was born in California.  Obviously the paparazzi were there!  Too bad they’re so obsessed with the perfect image, they don’t notice the wave that’s about to drench them.
As one floats on the surface of life, everything seems fine.  In the depths can lurk unacknowledged dangers/issues that can cause havoc.  In Hinduism/Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes spiritual purity- rising from the mud and blossoming in the sun.
Garden of Earthly Delights center panel
Garden of Earthly Delights, Hieronymus Bosch, 1510
Garden of Earthly Delights
GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS      The modern garden is decadently hedonistic; offering infinite pleasures to titillate the senses.  Here food size is symbolic of its importance.
The Singles Bar
THE SINGLES BAR       A woman has to go through a lot of guys to find one worth being with.
The Challenge
THE CHALLENGE    Fate (shadowy figure upper left) pulls the hero to his next life challenge.  Success (upper right) transcends the world, and Failure (upside down figure) falls into the abyss.  The two profile faces (lower left) are our subconscious mind alert for the world acting on us.  The birds  are our spirit helpers scouting the way ahead of us.

Aspects of Fate

Man as Myth
ASCENDING     The birds symbolize how fast life whirls around us.  In the calm center, as we grow spiritually, we start to dissolve into the air above us.
Pulling the Weight of Tradition
Into the Wild
The Unexpected Adventure
THE UNEXPECTED ADVENTURE           While trying to avoid superficial things (getting a suntan), we can become blind to where Fate is steering us, somewhere we may not want to go.  (The stone face is the entrance to Goa Gajah meditation caves in Bali, Indonesia, built in the 9th century.)
Present Future
PRESENT FUTURE.     The old men are looking at their future looming before them.
Entrance to the Underworld
Entrance to the Underworld  The Underworld has its roots in our own psyche, and the guardian is our subconscious mind.   In Greek and Roman mythology, only those under the protection of the gods are able to return.
The Kiss (Michalangelo reference)
THE KISS      The left figure references Michelangelo’s sculpture,  The Dying Slave.