Dedicated to exploring the creative journey in images, sculpture, photography, design and play writing.

IMAGES:   metaphors about our life: growth stages, encounters with others, and comments about society.

SCULPTURE:  focusing mainly on clay masks; mostly cubist, mostly layered with multiple faces;   exploring planes, angles, tangents,  complex shapes and ideas.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  the human body, society and landscapes.

DESIGN:   a collection of other projects:  graphics, a Japanese garden, furniture, and others to be added when they surface.


  • “Cruising Mr. Right!”, a musical cabaret comedy about finding True Love at the bars.
  • “High School Drama”,  an absurdist comedy about teenage angst in the hallowed halls of high school.

This site is dedicated to Joseph Campbell, a definitive authority on mythology and religion.  His seminal book, Hero With a Thousand Faces, maps a person’s symbolic, mythological journey through life.  His other books are detailed explorations of world myths and cultures.


marko gamula

Once upon a time studied theater, then traveled a lot.  Ended up in Japan for 8 years; first in a Zen temple, then taught English in a private college.  Came back to Toronto, Canada and taught art/drama/media.  Now living happily ever after.

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